Monday, May 29, 2017

Essential Oil Supplies to Get You Started!

These are just some suggested supplies and items that I have found helpful, but feel free to get crafty and put your own look on things. I'm always experimenting and when I find something I like, I'll be sure to add it here!

Roller Bottles

One of the first things I do when I get my kit, is mix up all my "on-the-go" oil rollers. They are also convenient to have around the house for quick, topical application. The 10mL bottles will last a long time, but I started noticing the carrier oil begins to go bad after about 6-9 months. I switched to the 5mL or even 3mL now. I also love the 1mL size for handing out samples to my friends!! I also prefer the metal roller balls because the EO tends to glide on easier.

10mL Roller Bottles
5mL Roller Bottles
5mL Roller Bottles with Gold Tops (fancy!)
3mL Roller Bottles
1mL Roller Bottles

Carrier Oils

You will want to use a "carrier" oil in conjunction with your Essential Oils. These serve to dilute the strength for special populations, such as children and infants, and also help spread the EO out over a larger surface area. My carrier oil of choice is grapeseed because it tends to be lightweight and penetrates quickly. I also like coconut oil for a creamier texture for things like VapoRubs, Muscle Rubs, etc. Sweet Almond is also nice!

Sweet Almond Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Coconut Oil

Spray Bottles

These are great from making room sprays or hand sanitizers. Simply add a splash of witch hazel or alcohol, your EOs of choice and fill with water, and you have your spray! You can make Bug Spray, Thieves Sanitizer Spray, Sleepy Spray, Refresh Spray, Bathroom Spray, the possibilities are endless!

2 oz Amber Spray Bottle
1 oz Amber Spray Bottle (good purse size)

Dropper Bottles

Helpful for premixing, diluted massage oils. My favorite is Gentle Baby and Lavender in Sweet Almond Oil as a foot/leg rub after bath! These are also helpful in making skin serums.

1 oz Dropper Bottles


2 inch Kraft Round (great for spray bottles and jar lids)
1 inch Kraft Round (great for roller bottles and smaller sprays)
Tiny Rounds (great for the 1mL rollers!)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

DIY Supply Lists

Amazon DIY Supply Lists!! For all the fun stuff we make with Essential Oils

Lash/Brow Growth Serum

Castor Oil
Empty Mascara Tubes (bulk, 20 pack)
Empty Mascara Tubes (5 pack)
Vitamin E (optional)

Bath Bombs

Metal Bath Bomb Molds - there are different sizes on Amazon, just make sure to get stainless!
Multi-Purpose Heat Tool (for shrink wrap)
Bags for Shrink Wrap
Heat Sealer (for sealing the shrink wrap bags)
Citric Acid

You can often get the raw ingredients cheaper locally at Smart & Final or Costco.

To obtain the purest Young Living Essential Oils, please refer to your friend who sent you here, as Young Living is a referral based business. If you came here on your own, I'd be more than happy to help you order your oils!

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