Sunday, May 17, 2015

roller girl

I'm a roller girl. I love my roller bottles. LOVE them. Don't get me wrong, I love me some aromatic diffusing when I'm at home. But, when I'm on the go - and let's face it, us moms are always on the go - I love me some roller bottles!

What's that you say? I'm talking about Essential Oils. I'm an oil addict and my oils have become my (and my family's) medicine, my life's prescription, my remedies from nature. Have an ailment? I've got an oil for THAT!

I'm sure a lot of people think Essential Oils are just hocus-pocus hippy stuff and a really don't think there is any science behind them. There are many scientific studies evaluating various Essential Oils with good findings, but it can be somewhat problematic as modern medicine tends to apply a reductionist theory, looking to isolate the "active" ingredient. A single essential oil may contain anywhere from 80 to 300 or more different and unique complex chemical constituents, with many of its constituents occurring in minute quantities, but all contributing to the oil's therapeutic effects.

Essential Oils are highly concentrated and very potent. For example, it takes approximately 22 pounds of rose petals to distill one 5mL bottle. That's a lot of roses!

Essential Oils contain tiny molecules that are lipophilic - what does that mean? It means these molecules can easily travel into and within our bodies, penetrating our skin, tissue and cells rapidly. This is why it is extremely important to have high quality, therapeutic grade Essential Oils that you know where they came from, how they were grown, extracted, distilled, tested, and bottled. I trust Young Living with their Seed to Seal promise.

Now back to my roller bottles. When you apply Essential Oils to the skin, they are directly absorbed into your body for a therapeutic effect. You can apply them to "warm points" near blood flow (wrists, behind ears), near your Central Nervous System (along spine, base of neck), directly to the area (muscle, cut/scrape, stomach) or even to Vita Flex points on your feet, hands and ears.

Because Essential Oils can help almost anything and everything, I feel like a modern day apothecary as I mix my roller bottles to help with our various ailments. I've started compiling and collecting "recipes" for combinations that have really helped us and I wanted to share them with you all.

Making a roller bottle is really easy. First you need supplies: you'll need a roller bottle (I like the 10mL size, amber glass), a carrier oil (I like grapeseed), labels (washi tape or 1in Kraft round) and high quality Essential Oils, like Young Living.

- My list of supplies from Amazon here
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Next, ask yourself who you are making this roller bottle for - is it for an infant or a child? You'll want to use less Essential Oil - probably around 1 - 15 drops of Essential Oil total. If it's for yourself or another adult, I usually use around 30-60 depending on the blend I'm making. There are some roller bottle recipes with higher concentrations of Essential Oils for a stronger effect.

Lastly, let's mix! I add the Essential Oil first by counting drops straight from the bottle into the roller. Fill with carrier oil - I like to use plastic pipettes, but you could use a small funnel or just pour very carefully. Snap on the roll top and label your mixture.

Roller bottles can be made from your favorite single or pre-made blend. I make one called "JUST Lavender" and that is a great one to always have on hand. Here are some recipes that I use often and that work for us. I encourage you to experiment with mixes and blends and see what works for you and your family.

10 drops Thieves
5 drops Purification
3 drops Frankincense

Cough and Congestion / Cough Quieter
10 drops Lavender
5 drops Lemon
3 drops Frankincense
3 drops RC

Heart LOVE Joy / Happy Happy, Joy Joy
20 drops Joy
6-10 drops Citrus Fresh or Lemon

Patience in a Bottle
20 drops White Angelica
10 drops Valor

Boo Boo Blend
10 drops Lavender
10 drops Tea Tree
5 drops Frankincense

Sleepy Dust
15-20 drops Lavender
10 drops Peace & Calming
2 drops RutaVaLa (optional)

KEEP CALM and CARRY ON (anxiety blend)
10 drops White Angelica
10 drops Valor
10 drops Frankincense

Get Up N Go!
15 drops Citrus Fresh or Lemon
5 drops Peppermint
3 drops Joy

Fever Reducer
15 drops Lavender
3-5 drops Peppermint

I'll continue to add fun recipes here that I research and try. Please check back often! Please feel free to add comments; I would love to hear what you come up with! :)

Here's a couple more I want to try - I have Vetiver and Patchouli in my next order...can't wait!

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  1. Thanks for your recipes and insights. I'm bookmarking this for future reference. Keep up the great work, dear one. You are appreciated and loved by many.