Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Body, My Choice? Who does your body REALLY belong to?

Today I came across a Pin that reminded me exactly what I am fighting for, and that is Bodily Autonomy. What is that exactly? Well, this is what I read today...

"Every person has the unalienable right to control their own body, to maintain & keep that control & to decide what they do with it. Every person has control over their body and no one else." [SIC] 

After reading, this and the subsequent blog post this Pin is from, my mind kept saying, yes, yes, YES! THIS is what the fight against SB277 is all about, and this is exactly WHY I am so passionate about it.

My friends and family have seen this passion lately, perhaps leading them to say, "wow, I didn't know she was 'anti-vaccine.' I wonder if her kids are vaccinated. I bet they aren't." Well, that's the thing...I'm not good with labels. If you are really curious what I believe, you can read my blog post here where I talk about "the middle."

But, I'll tell you what I DO believe. I believe that no one should be able to force me, my children, or anyone, to have a medical procedure without their/my consent, especially one that is not without risk. Can anyone say that any medical procedure is completely without risk? Let's forget about risk anyway, that is another debate, what we are talking about here is a FORCED medical procedure! I don't care if it is the safest thing on the planet; I don't care if it will save another person's life; I don't care if it will save a million lives - IT IS MY BODY!

Does that sound selfish? I don't mean it to. I mean certainly we are selfless people, right? What if you were in a car accident, went to the hospital unconscious, and woke up with a large part of your liver removed. You didn't lose part of your liver because of the car accident. The doctor said it was because there were three other people who needed a transplant, so while you were unconscious, they decided to take part of your liver for those other people. You know, for the greater good.

Next you ask why you feel so weak. The nurse says they took 100 liters of your blood while you were unconscious because you have O(-) blood (universal donor) and there were 10 other people who desperately needed some blood. You'll be able to regenerate your blood, and in a few days, be back to normal. It's okay, right? Because, you know, greater good and all.

What about the "right to choose"? The abortion debate. Pro-Life. Pro-Choice. So, does Pro-Choice = Pro-Death? No no NO!! It does NOT! Bodily Autonomy is what this debate is/was all about for Pro-Choicers. Women, people, individuals were fighting for their RIGHT to make their own decisions about their own bodies. It was upheld in the Supreme Court, that not even another "fetus, entity, being, life" (debatable definitions) can infringe on another person's right to maintain their own Bodily Autonomy.

What about a lifeless body? Someone who is deemed brain dead. Can we harvest this person's organs without their, or next of kin's, consent? NO! But, what about all the good these organs can do? Still, no. NOT without consent.

Did you ever see scary movies about medical procedures done without consent in asylums or prisons? This wasn't just in the movies. We used to do some pretty crazy things here in the United States, like lobotomies and sterilizations, before someone finally realized, "Hey, this is not right. We need consent. We can't just violate an individual's right to Bodily Autonomy."

Okay, let's get even deeper here. What about the Holocaust? Yup, medical procedures being forced on individuals against their will, certainly without consent. But, Hitler said it was for the greater good. Did that make it okay?

Guys, are we seeing a pattern here? Let me say this loud and clear: I am not ANTI-VACCINATION, but I am passionately, and most definitely adamantly, PRO-CHOICE, PRO-MY BODY, MY CHOICE, PRO-CONSENT, PRO-BODILY AUTONOMY. And, lastly, but definitely not least, I am passionately and adamantly OPPOSED to SB277.

SB277 aims to FORCE school children to be injected with a multitude of vastly unnecessary (another debate) vaccines in order to attend public or private school, nursery school or day care. Before you say, but but but you can home-school...to that I say, REALLY? Is that REALLY an option? Not for me and not for the majority of families. I am a taxpayer and my children have a right to a public education, which uses taxpayer money, my money.

Please, readers, all of you, this is NOT about pro vs anti vaccination, this is about PRO-CHOICE and ANTI-FORCED medical procedure. Plain and simple. Want to increase vaccination rates? Okay, let's figure out it. But, let's not do it by force. And, if you are still in support of SB277, then this post is for you.


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