Saturday, February 7, 2015

essential oils: natural healing, oh what a feeling!

When I became a mom, you have a whole new level of responsibility. Responsible for the health and welfare of other's lives, literally! If I didn't care before, now I was researching just about everything! Food, clothes, schools, parenting techniques, sleep, you name it.

Where I really felt helpless as a mom was when my littles would get sick and, if they are under 2, there is not a whole lot you can do for them. Options ranged from steamy shower, to saline spray, and really just comfort care. I wanted more! I wanted to heal them!

I have always been drawn to essential oils. I think I am really sensitive to smell, and I knew that even just inhaling them could bring about a mood change in myself. Has the smell of Lavender made you feel better and more relaxed? Or, maybe the smell of Citrus invigorated and energized you?

The Olfactory Pathways in your nose go right to your brain and the limbic system (for one). The limbic system is the house for emotions in the brain. No wonder smells can effect moods!

As I learned more about essential oils and their healing properties, I learned that much like herbs, they can also be healing in the form of nature's medicine when applied topically or even inhaled via microdroplets from a diffuser, and, yes, even ingested, with caution and proper care. This is potent medicine, folks!

What is important to differentiate here is between essential oils you can buy at a local store, and therapeutic grade, pure essential oils. The former is mainly for "aromatherapy" and smelling nice, the latter is actually therapeutic for the body. You can even smell the difference! And, that's what did it for me.

Premium Starter Kit from Young Living
A good friend of mine got a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living and I was literally blown away by the pure, fresh, potent smell of these oils. I had dabbled in what I thought was "therapeutic grade" essential oils that I purchased through a co-op, but the ones from Young Living smelled way different. To me, they smell like exactly what they are supposed to be and nothing else. Maybe it comes from my "wine" nose...being able to detect nuances in blends, but I tell ya, the NOSE KNOWS.

I think I went home and ordered my PSK that night.

I could not wait for it to arrive and I have been living the oily life ever since. I now feel empowered to do more than just comfort care when my kids are sick. I also have tools to boost their immune system and keep the bugs away. I have tools to improve their mood when they are cranky or grumpy. I have tools to help them sleep or calm down from an extra "exciting" mood (ha ha...moms, you know what I mean).

Not only for my kids, but for me, too. Oh yes, I still get grumpy, and cranky, and have sleepless nights, and my husband snores, and we get sore muscles and strains, and migraines, and on and on...and there's an OIL for THAT! Not only health, but keeping the household clean in a natural way.

I used to use scented candles, now you can find me diffusing pretty much every day, and it actually has a therapeutic purpose vs just smelling nice. I enjoy making my own cleaners, and bath soaks, and sanitizer sprays. My DIY recipe list is growing to bath bombs, lip balm, healing salve and homemade sunscreen...yes, there's an OIL for THAT!!

Anyway, I love them SO much I decided to become a distributor and share the love. I noticed when I was sharing my journey, friends were interested, so I thought, cool, I can help with that!

Want to purchase from me and begin your healing journey?

Here's my obligatory link:
Order Premium Starter Kit from Suzanne!!

When you purchase from me, I will also help you every step of the way! I will help you find all the answers you need in how to use your oils and for the purposes you need. I'll add you to our massive Facebook group of over 8000 members that is an awesome resource for learning and sharing and asking all about EOs. And, IF you want to become a distributor yourself (and that's a big IF because you NEVER have to) the support system for our team, the "Lemon Droppers" is beyond amazing. We are the fastest growing branch of Young Living and if you end up joining, you will surely see why. We LOVE our OILS!!!! The PASSION is contagious!!! Catch IT!


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