Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I've been wanting to start a blog for a while. An online diary of sorts, but not so secretive. I often want to write, reflect, discuss, but I find myself very busy raising two little girls. It is all consuming. without much time for myself.

As much as motherhood has rocked my world, it is also who I am now. It is the current chapter of my life. I've found myself returning to my roots, figuring out my values, discovering and learning things I never imagined I would. But, who was I before this?

I was born to a carefree, hippy family and raised among the lively Harvest Festivals and Renaissance Faires that my parents sold puzzles at. It left quite an impression on me and also a lust for life. I also had a practical side and knew early on that the "key" was excelling at school, doing well to get into a good college.

Well, I did. I got in to all colleges I applied to, save one (but that's another story). I went to the University of California, Santa Barbara, because the school was beautiful, quaint, and looked fun. My mom said, if you were a really good teacher, where would you want to live and teach? Stinky, smoggy LA or by the beach in SB. Good point.

I fiddled and fumbled my way through college, dabbling in a veritable plethora of classes hoping that something would "stick" and it would become my major. It did and I chose Biology. I still have a love for Biology to this day. But, back then, Biology wasn't enough. What would I DO with that major? Doctor? The hustle of getting into med school was a huge turn off. Research Lab? Did I really want to be locked up in a lab all day? Army? Sure, why not?!

Biology did not lead me to the Army. In fact, many asked how the two were related. They weren't. I just enjoyed them both! Yes, I actually did ROTC in college and joined the Army because I enjoyed it.

The Army was a great answer to "what are you planning to do after college?" I stayed in the Army for 4 1/2 years, just enough to pin on Captain before I got out. It was a tremendously amazing experience and definitely a blog topic for another day.

It was easy to get a job with my experience as an Officer in the Army, especially being that I was computer, networking and telecom trained exiting the Army at the height of the dot-com phenomenon. I had my choice! Silicon Valley was calling but San Diego had my heart. I missed the beach and community feel of my hometown, and San Diego seemed to have all that with the opportunities that came along with a bigger city. It also seemed to have a hoppin' singles scene.

I relocated to San Diego in mid 2000. Worked for a techie company for a year and a half, but was laid off during the dot-com bomb. Got a job at Pfizer in Pharmaceutical Sales and remained there for 8 years, until I was laid off during a restructuring.

I got pregnant about two months after I was laid off from Pfizer. It was not a huge surprise, considering my job at Pfizer had become incredibly stressful for me. That first year after I was laid off from Pfizer was probably one of the best of my life! My stress was gone, I was blissfully pregnant and planning a gorgeous wedding and vacation in Puerto Vallarta. That is the last time I remember being truly, truly joyful and happy, without a care in the world.

Then came baby.

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